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Meet Elie

Hi and welcome to my page! Glad to have you hear! :) I'm Elie, a student, singer, tennis player, and most importantly, a foodie. I'm going to let you all in on a secret---before Covid-19 and quarantine, I didn't know how to all. I'm embarrassed to say that I could barely turn on the oven, much less follow a  laborious recipe! But as I'm sure every reader can relate to, with Covid-19 came many unexpected consequences, both good and bad. One of the unforeseen consequences? How much time people would have on their hands. Lots and lots and lots of time. To refrain from growing bored during quarantine, I took up baking last March. I started by tackling the little things, like making a cake from a box mix and frosting cupcakes from a can. Then, I moved on to bigger goals, like homemade blueberry scones and double chocolate chip homemade cookies. I couldn't stop myself, I rapidly went through bag after bag of all purpose flour and box after box of unsalted butter. And why? Because while baking, I experienced something new and unique. A sense of tranquility. Baking was a way for me to test myself and test my ability. Baking allowed me to experience a feeling of joy after finally finishing a long recipe, and taking the first bite of that delicious creation. Now, flash forward over a year later, my goal is to help my readers experience that same joy and delight. So, grab an apron, arrange your ingredients, and go find something to make. Happy baking! :)

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